Hair with keratin capsule

For producing Angelohair capsules we use natural hair using Single Drawn technology with thick hair near the foundation and becoming more thin by the length.

Capsule is produced using qualitative Italian keratin by special machine, which exclude destruction and comb-out of extended hair.

If terms of care are observed, it is possible to use extended strands several times.

Firm’s packing Angelohair helps to protect our hair from counterfeit because of the frequency with which cheap and low-quality hair are passed as hair of well-known trademarks. Request firm’s packing from experts.

Very light ultra blonde
Very light blonde
Golden light blonde
Golden blonde
Golden ultra blonde
Golden very light blonde
Light blonde
Blonde light beige
Light cooper blonde
Light golden cooper blonde
Mahagany chestnut
Light mahogany chestnut
Dark blonde
Light chestnut
Dark chestnut

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