Tape in Hair extension

Compared to other tape-in hair extension technologies on the market only Angelohair has got the finest and the most elastic tapes that allow to considerably increase the hair volume on any part of the head without discomfort.  The minimalistic size of the adhesive tape 3 х 0,8 cm gives a chance to add up more volume and lengthen even the fringe. The procedure does not require special equipment – you only need to get an Angelohair hair kit. The tape-in technology is the fastest hair extension technology. The whole procedure takes up 30-40 minutes, while removing takes about 15-20 minutes.

Very light ultra blonde
Very light blonde
Golden light blonde
Golden blonde
Golden ultra blonde
Golden very light blonde
Golden blonde
Light blonde
Blonde light beige
Light golden cooper blonde
Light golden cooper blonde
Mahagany chestnut
Light mahogany chestnut
Dark blonde
Light chestnut
Dark chestnut

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