Tape in Hair extension № 35

Compared to other tape-in hair extension technologies on the market only Angelohair has got the finest and the most elastic tapes that allow to considerably increase the hair volume on any part of the head without discomfort.  The minimalistic size of the adhesive tape 3 х 0,8 cm gives a chance to add up more volume and lengthen even the fringe. The procedure does not require special equipment – you only need to get an Angelohair hair kit. The tape-in technology is the fastest hair extension technology. The whole procedure takes up 30-40 minutes, while removing takes about 15-20 minutes.

Tape in Hair extension № 35

Deep red

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1 Руб.


Angelohair Tapes

  • The most strong, thin and flexible
  • Natural appearance
  • Convenience and comfort in use
  • Frequentative using of tapes
  • Exceptional quality of tapes


Video instructions

Variety types of hair and color palette allow to satisfy any customer.

Types of hair Angelohair

upak lenti
In consideration of peculiarity hair structure we divided them on types: economical (European and premium) and luxury (Slavic, south-Russian) . For your convenience we added all lines in comparative table →

Hair is sold in sets, one set includes 20 tapes.

Firm’s packing Angelohair helps to protect our hair from counterfeit because of the frequency with which cheap and low-quality hair are passed as hair of well-known trademarks. Request firm’s packing from experts.


Technology of express hair*

  1. After showing and drying the head, expert defines an accurate parting line, divides hair growth zone and begins the extending process using Express hair technique.
  2. Choosing an 1.2 inch width strand but thin and solid enough for natural load to be minimal. Raising hair on 0.2 inch length from foundation.
  3. Attaching to chosen zone Angelohair tape after removing protective film.
  4. Additional to this zone attaching another one Angelohair tape with self-attaching system. Thus own strand will be between them.
  5. Indent some space (around 0.4-0.5 inches) do the same procedures up-down line to line.
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*Only for professional usage. Extending can be done by an expert who was taught in “Angelohair” studio. This masterclass is a short illustration of extending process without any features.


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