Postiger products made of natural hair

A decorative hairpiece, created by Angelohair specialists on the basis of extended braid technology, is presented in a great variety of lengths. That is why it makes a perfect supplement to extension and a must-have element for creating modern evening and wedding hair styles. 

Postiger products made of natural hair
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3 Руб.

Angelohair classic tail

Unique chignon-tail specially made for in-home usage.

Price for a pack – 1 tail.

Tail is the fastest haircut that makes a woman visually much more thin and high. It also ideally points business-woman character.

Light tail made of quality hair could be recommended for everyday usage.

Chignon-tail is a modern multi-functional chignon with comfortable fastening system which looks naturally.

It can be hardly distinguished from natural hair.

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Variety types of hair and color palette allow to satisfy any customer.

Types of hair Angelohair

In consideration of peculiarity hair structure we divided them on types: economical (European and premium) and luxury (Slavic, south-Russian). For your convenience we added all lines in comparative table →

Usage of chignon-tail*

  1. Shower client’s head with a special shampoo and dry it with a drier.
  2. Collect client’s hair in a high tail and prepare the extended tail.
  3. Fasten the classic tail to client’s hair with special hairpins.
  4. Fix the hair with a special ribbon that attached to the extended tail.
  5. Circle the tail’s fasten zone with own strand and fix it with hairpins.
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  • Comfortable and simple usage even in-home
  • Safe fastening for own hair
  • Easy to care
  • Unlimited time of usage
  • Exceptional quality of hair



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